The Toshont Drive Shop: Full Line of AC Drives

The Toshiba H9 adjustable speed drive is the most advanced heavy duty drive ever offered by Toshiba. It is a blend of a robust power platform and a state-of-the-art control scheme. With its dual 32-bit processor controls, the H9 provides the ability to operate the toughest of applications while still maintaining a high level of control.

Electric motors play a vital role in our everyday lives and myriad businesses. They move and run basically everything we need for pleasure and work. Selecting the right drive is essential to getting the best performance and efficiency from an electric motor. The world of motor drives is complex and there is an impressive range of drives on the market. The drives that will best serve you will depend on your specific applications and motor types and their ratings (current, voltage). Matching drive to application and motor type is not a trivial matter, but Toshont’s Drive Shop, backed by years of experience and an extensive product list, is here to steer you in the right direction—at the right price.

What are motor drives?

An electric motor generates the rotational or linear force used to power a machine. A drive is the electronic device that harnesses and controls the electrical energy sent to the motor. The drive feeds electricity into the motor in varying amounts and at varying frequencies, thereby indirectly controlling the motor’s speed and torque. Together, a motor and drive form a “drive system.”

AC drives at a glance

In general, there are two categories of drives: DC drives and AC drives. At Toshont we carry a full line of AC Drives.

AC drives are used to control the motor’s speed. They are also known as adjustable speed drives, adjustable frequency drives, and variable speed drives. AC drives effectively serve to increase process control, minimize energy consumption and promote more efficient energy generation, minimize mechanical stress, and maximize the operations that rely on the electric motor. AC drives can be found in a range of applications, including:

  • Wind turbine power generation
  • HVAC systems
  • Water supply pumping
  • Boiler feed pumps
  • Flow hydronic systems
  • Power generators
  • Pressure booster systems.

When it comes to precision or maintenance, AC drives are usually the best choice. Because AC drives do not require much maintenance, they can be placed in smaller locations where they will not need to be accessible.

AC drives conserve energy

In many countries electric motors account for about half of all electricity consumed. Energy costs are rising and will continue to do so as the real cost of greenhouse gas emissions gets factored into its pricing. Motors controlled by AC drives are more energy efficient than DC motors because they adjust the current levels automatically to meet the demands of the application. Additional savings are also possible during lower demand cycles, as the motor speed can be reduced, which in turn reduces the energy used during those periods. As a result, AC drives are increasingly being installed to improve energy efficiency in many processes previously controlled by DC drives. Although the investment to incorporate AC drives is considerable, the payback period is often quite short, justifying the switch.

Toshont Drive Shop products

Historically, The Toshont Drive Shop has supplied our customers exclusively with Toshiba drives, but we have diversified our drive offerings to better meet the needs of our valued customers. We now include products from several other fine manufacturers, including Schneider Electric and TechTop Canada.



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