The Broad Spectrum of Toshiba Low-Voltage Motors

Toshiba LVMs offer legendary quality, performance, and durability. Being customizable, they also meet a diverse range of demanding applications. Toshont Power Products is one of the largest and fastest growing Toshiba distributors in North America and has an intimate knowledge of the broad spectrum of Toshiba LVMs. We are keen to help you choose for your company Toshiba LVMs that will enhance the efficiency of your operations—and improve your bottom line.

Toshiba LVMs can be broken down into the following three categories:

General-purpose motors

Toshiba’s general-purpose motors are designed to meet industry’s ever-growing need for improved energy conservation and product reliability. Toshiba’s general-purpose motors offer the highest efficiency and torque ratings while producing some of the lowest vibration ratings, leading to longer life and greater reliability.

Within the general-purpose motor category Toshiba offers:

  • EQP Global Motor series: Toshiba’s totally enclosed fan-cooled, NEMA Premium ®efficiency, EQP Global®Motor series is Toshiba’s next-edge motor product line. These motors are designed to meet or exceed the competitive demands of the global market, as well as the requirements of the Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007 (EISA). The EQP Global motor series is CE certified, Division 2 certified and addresses global motor standards, including NEMA, IEC, and JIS regulations.

  • EQP Global®XP Explosion-Proof Motor series: Motors in this series are specifically designed for traditionally hazardous industries where explosive gases and vapors are present. They feature a totally enclosed fan-cooled product line equipped to contain an explosion that may occur inside the motor, as well as prevent explosive gases and vapors from being released into the environment. Their robust construction meets the requirements for UL- and CSA-listed hazardous locations and offers the highest performance and reliability for indoor and outdoor use.

  • TEFC 501 HP and above: Toshiba’s low-voltage totally enclosed fan-cooled line is available in high efficiency at 500 HP and above. This product’s robust design provides a cast-iron frame construction and Class F insulation. It offers high torque and low vibration ratings, leading to a longer life and greater reliability.

Definite-purpose motors

Toshiba’s definite-purpose motors are designed for specific industrial applications. Available in open drip-proof, totally enclosed fan-cooled, totally enclosed non-ventilated, and totally enclosed blower-cooled enclosures, these motors offer the highest efficiency and torque ratings, while producing some of the lowest vibration ratings in the industry.

Each definite-purpose motor is specifically designed for a range of different industrial applications. These motors satisfy the industrial standards requirement for each application and are manufactured for optimal performance. Toshiba designs definite-purpose motors for conveyors, windmills, lumber and ceramic dry kilns, oil well pumps, aggregate and mining quarries, food and pharmaceuticals, and industrial material processors and handlers.

Low-voltage IEC frame motors: Toshiba’s International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) frame motors are cutting-edge and designed to deliver exceptional efficiency and extend the life of the motor. With ever-increasing regulations on energy efficiency for electric motors, Toshiba offers a number of IEC motors with enhanced designs resulting in one of the lowest cost-of-ownership products in the industry.

Available features

  • IE3 and/or IE4 efficiency levels
  • Meets or exceeds global standard specifications such as IEC60034, 60072, 60204-1, 60038, & 60721 (where applicable)
  • Dual-frequency 50/60 Hz design and listed on the nameplate
  • Aluminum and cast-iron frames
  • Multi-mount frames
  • Inverter-duty rated
  • Interchangeable flange options (B5/B35 and B14/34)
  • Class F insulation system


  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Conveyors
  • Fans
  • Compressors

More information of Toshiba low-voltage motors

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