Growing to Deliver New Power Products: 4 More Lines

Traditionally, Toshont has exclusively distributed Toshiba Industrial Electrical Products. In keeping our long-time customers in mind, we knew that it’s important to deliver a wide selection of items and price points. This is why we’re expanding our inventory to include four new, exciting brands of power products! 

To better address the needs of our customers, we’re welcoming, Siemens , Schneider Electric,  TechTop Canada  and Power Systems Technologies Ltd. to our supplier base!

While expanding the selection of power product we stock, these new partnerships also give us access to items we haven’t previously carried, such as single-phase motors, permanent magnet motors, lighter aluminium motors, and additional variable frequency drive sizes. This step continues our growth trajectory and momentum as a fast-growing Canadian company that prioritizes custom needs.

New Product Lines: Update to Toshont Power Products’ Offerings

We’re excited to work with Siemens, Schneider Electric,  TechTop Canada and Power Systems Technologies Ltd.,! All four manufacturers bring unique power product designs to the industry and we’re happy to have fingertip access to their supply.

What are we most looking forward to introducing to our inventory?   


Siemens is an innovative company that challenges itself to adapt and provide excellence in our continually evolving world. Having reached their 2020 plan, they continue to raise their aims and create industry leading power products. We’re especially excited about stocking Siemens Low Voltage Motors, up to 300 hp,in our Burlington warehouse.  

Schneider Electric

Schneider electric aims to provide efficient and sustainable energy solutions to all! They are unleashing the infinite possibilities of an open, global, innovative community to create uniquely designed power products and solutions. We’re ecstatic about introducing Schneider Variable Frequency Drives to our inventory in Burlington and being able to help them accomplish one of their main goals: empowering the world.

TechTop Canada

Rather than take materials out of their engines, TechTop adds extra material, features, and benefits to their products. In every electric motor they make, they stand by their core principle of providing the best performance and quality at an affordable price. We’re now happy to be stocking TechTop NEMA Motors, IEC Motors, and AC Drives; providing you with a more diverse selection of motors and drives when designing your power solutions.

Power Systems Technology Ltd. 

Power systems Technology Ltd. specializes in medium voltage electrical distribution equipment and prides themselves on being able to do more with less materials. Their solutions are innovative and environmentally conscious. We will help you select the Minisub Station, Switchgear, or EV Power Hubs to fit your needs.  

Check Out Toshont Power Products New Inventory!

Since 1993, Toshont has been dedicated to bringing you the best selection of power products possible. We’re excited about expanding our inventory so you can have more choice when designing power solutions for your custom needs.

Interested in products from one of the companies mentioned in this article? Contact Toshont Power Products for more information and full product line availability.

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