10 Reasons to Buy Toshiba EQP Global Series Motors

Toshiba’s EQP Global® motor series is Toshiba’s leading motor product line. It consists of low-voltage, general-purpose, totally enclosed fan-cooled, NEMA Premium ® efficiency motors that deliver the high reliability and quality expected from Toshiba. EQP Global motors are designed and built for virtually any industry and application—and meet or exceed the competitive demands of the global market on all fronts, including energy conservation and product reliability.

The EQP Global Series is CE certified, Division 2 certified and addresses global motor standards, including NEMA, IEC, and JIS regulations.

Reasons to buy Toshiba EQP Global series motors

  1. Oversized bearings: Faulty bearings are the number one cause of motor failure. To mitigate this problem, Toshiba uses oversized 300 series bearings on both the drive and non-drive ends of all its motors—dramatically extending bearing life.
  2. Low vibration: Toshiba motors are manufactured to meet lower vibration levels, preserving the mechanical integrity of the motor and bearings.
  3. Heavy-duty construction: Toshiba motors have a robust cast iron design to increase stability and eliminate common mechanical failures.
  4. 100% quality testing: Toshiba performs a routine quality test on every single motor that it manufactures.
  5. Insulation with wide thermal capability: Toshiba winding designs provide better thermal protection.
  6. Optimized for ASD use: NEMA requires ASD-rated motors to withstand a maximum of 1860 V. Toshiba designs its motors to withstand 2000 V spikes, protecting them against ASD harm when other motors would fail.
  7. C5-rated interlamination material: Toshiba uses C5-rated (which can withstand burnout temperatures over 1000°F) thermal materials on its stator and rotor laminations, giving Toshiba motors increased thermal efficiencies and excellent rewind ability characteristics.
  8. Package deals: In addition to manufacturing high-quality motors, Toshiba manufactures high-quality adjustable speed drives. If bought as a motor/drive package, the ASD warranty is raised to meet the standard motor warranty of three years.
  9. High torque output: Toshiba motors produce more torque than required to meet NEMA Design B levels, preventing them from stalling under heavy loaded applications.
  10. Cast iron construction: Toshiba uses a robust cast iron construction for its motors. Cast iron has excellent thermal properties for efficiency, durability, and corrosion resistance and can be precision machined for exact tolerances.

More Information on Toshiba EQP Global Motors

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