Toshiba Motors: Tough and Powerful Medium Voltage Motors

The Motors and Drives Division of Toshiba International Corporation (TIC) produces some of the toughest and most technologically innovative medium voltage motors in the world—tangible expressions of Toshiba’s enduring culture and storied history. Toshiba motors range from 100 to 50,000 HP and 2300 to 13,800 V and are manufactured from start to finish using only the highest quality components. As a result, Toshiba motors are renowned for their quality, performance, and durability. And thanks to Toshiba’s in-house design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, they are completely customizable, capable of meeting your specific needs, such as frame size, IP rating, rotor construction, bearing type, lifting and jacking holes—modifications that are managed and supervised by Toshiba’s in-house project management team. It can thus be said that TIC doesn’t just design motors—they design complete solutions, including industry’s ever-growing need for energy conservation.

TIC medium voltage motor applications

Given the legendary quality, durability, performance and customizability of TIC’s medium voltage motors, they are used in countless industries and applications, including:

  • Pipelines: Pumps and compressors
  • Pulp and paper: Refiners, vacuum pumps, chippers and hoggers
  • Mining and aggregate: Ball mills, grinders, crushers, slurry pumps and conveyors
  • Utilities: Pulverizers, fans, vertical and horizontal pumps
  • Petrochemical: API, low- and high-speed compressors and various pumps
  • Water/wastewater: Large vertical high thrust and horizontal pumps (synchronous and induction)
  • Special applications: Car and metal shredders and Banbury mixers

Toshiba motor enclosures

NEMA weather-protected type1

An open drip-proof motor is a common choice for a large, well-ventilated room. Fresh air is pulled in through the air housing’s intakes by a high-performance fan, which cools the motor’s core and coils. The hot air is then exhausted from the side openings.

The air housing’s intakes and exhaust openings contain louvers and wire meshes which prevent the intrusion of water drips and other foreign matter into the motor (meets NEMA WP1 requirements). Additional rainproof louvers can be provided on the air intake and exhaust openings for an outdoor motor or an outdoor rainproof motor.

NEMA weather-protected type1

This open drip outdoor motor is designed for outdoor use and incorporates an air housing in accordance with NEMA, WP2. It includes three right- angled turns for air inlets and outlets. The inlet air duct has a section where wind velocity falls below 3 m/sec (600 ft/min), causing dripping water, dust, and foreign matter to fall before air reaches the motor’s electrical parts.

A section is provided in which air may blow through without being forced into the motor. Inlet air filters can be provided to prevent the ingress of particulate material. 

Totally enclosed fan cooled

A totally-enclosed fan-cooled motor is generally used in an environment containing corrosive or harmful gas. The external fan is mounted on the opposite drive directing fresh air into the air housing’s pipes located on the upper part of the motor. The pipes act as a heat exchanger. Cool air passing through the pipes expels hot internal air from the motor.

This motor can be used outdoors. Cooling tubes within the air housing are easily accessible and cleaned simply by removing the fan cover.

Totally enclosed water-to-air cooled

The totally enclosed water-to-air cooled motor is especially useful in locations where low noise operation is required or where removing heat from the motor is required.

The motor accommodates a water-to-air exchanger in the air housing which is located in the upper part of the motor. Water passing through the heat exchanger efficiently cools air circulating in the motor.

A drain in the air housing protects the motor proper from damage caused by water leakage from the air cooler. Leakage alarm detectors are also available.

Toshiba value

Toshiba listens to what their customers say and focuses on providing motor solutions that exceed their needs and expectations. They continuously enhance their designs and manufacturing processes to offer the best value available.

  • Energy savings: Advanced technology and design for maximum efficiency
  • Extended motor life: Low vibration, low maintenance and enhanced cooling
  • Low noise: Advanced frame construction to reduce electrical noise
  • Reduced cycle time: Advanced manufacturing processes and robotics
  • Reliability: Conservative engineering designs for specific applications; zero defects quality program


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