Power Systems Technology MicroSub (Micro Substation)

Power Systems’ MicroSub is a unique medium-voltage substation that can be used as a standalone product or in conjunction with Power Systems’ new green DPS (distributed power system) design—a power distribution system that transforms power from the utility voltage to the utilization voltage. The MicroSub represents the next step in the evolution of the MiniSub. The MicroSub ranges in size from 75-225 KVA and in voltage from 5-28 KV. Applications are diverse, including the powering of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, which are poised to increase dramatically as EVs go mainstream.

The MicroSub saves you money

The MicroSub is designed to provide major cost savings in electrical projects. It does so in the following ways:

  • The amount of material in a MicroSub is up to 50% less than in a traditional system, which translates to a 5-30% reduction in the cost of an installed system.
  • Conserves energy: About 10% less energy per unit is required for manufacturing, transportation and about 10% less electricity is used in buildings where one is installed.
  • Time is money: a MicroSub system can be installed up to 50% faster than a traditional system.
  • Offers the same low maintenance as a MiniSub. System components require almost zero maintenance over the life of the project.

Other advantages of the MicroSub

  • Still offers the unique benefits of oil/liquid filled padmount transformers as defined by the CSA specification C227.4, and SF6 switching technology using the Arc-Whipper © three-position switch.
  • Requires about 30% less space than a traditional system, giving you more useable and/or rentable space.
  • Green: Up to 50% less material means less carbon/GHGs in resource extraction and product manufacturing.
  • Delivers on the safety front: Lower fault levels and EMI; lower arc flash, dead front and touch proof; and the switch is locked with the fuse access.
  • Provides greater reliability: Does not rely on one point of failure; has a main transformer and low-voltage switchgear.
  • Renewable energy compatibility: Solar and generator inputs.
  • Less parasitic heat to remove
  • Can be located indoors or outdoors and comes with its own liquid containment
  • CSA certified

About Power Systems Technology

Based in Elmira, Ontario, Power Systems is an original equipment manufacturer for medium-voltage electrical distribution equipment, offering customized solutions for clients all over the world. Power Systems strives to do more with less material for all their products and solutions. Power Systems products include substations, transformers and EV and building powering solutions. While most OEMs build to a CSA standard, Power Systems offers CSA-certified designs.

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