Toshont Power Products is the Toshiba partner distributor responsible for the sale, warehousing and application of Toshiba Industrial Electrical Products for Ontario. Our area of responsibility extends just west of the Ottawa Valley and then over to the time line just west of Thunder Bay. We have offices in Burlington and Sudbury with motor and VFD stock in these locations plus motor stock in other parts of Ontario.

Toshont was created in 1993 and has grown in many ways over the years, initially with the Southern Ontario office, then Sudbury office and in 1996 with the start up of our Custom Control Panel shop now located in Burlington. Those people who work at Toshont have been an important part of the companies growth and strength, they are most willing to do those extra things that may be needed to keep our customers satisfied. We pride ourselves in being AC motor & drive experts applying this equipment as integrated systems or individually on their own. From Toshiba’s factory in Houston Texas, Toshont is involved in a vast array of Low Voltage and Medium Voltage products from Motors to VFD’s, Control and Switchgear plus UPS units. Our Custom Control Panel shop builds all types of panels that include VFD’s, Starters, PLC and control equipment with CUL/UL and CSA approvals. Toshont also provides service on Toshiba VFD and UPS equipment.

We look forward to working with you on any of your electrical equipment needs as we continue to grow in the future.

Our Mission Statement

TOSHONT will provide our Customers in a timely and professional manner with product information and technology services on Drive and Motor Engineering solutions for the proper application, design, installation & startup service, operational training and maintenance of Toshiba AC Motors and Variable Frequency Drives, taking into account our Customers needs with emphasis on reliability and reduced long-term cost of ownership of these electrical products.